Unique New Cash Flow Program Announces National Franchise Roll Out

November 2015

Recently creating a buzz with the official product launch at ATSA 2015 (Accountant’s Technology Showcase Australia), Cashflow Momentum Australia is today announcing their National Franchise Program. Cashflow Momentum is a comprehensive cash flow system that empowers small to medium business owners to immediately start improving their ability to manage and control cash flow, regardless of industry or qualifications.

Cashflow Momentum has been developed over more than fifteen years of research and development, and has been applied successfully to many SME sectors in Australia & New Zealand. The Intellectual Property behind Cashflow Momentum is completely unique, in that it assists business owners to apply a proven cash flow management system on a daily basis, regardless of how time poor the business owner may be.

Unlike any other system out there, Cashflow Momentum does the thinking for you. It keeps business owners focused on making money, and tracks their daily movement either away from or towards the “cash flow cliff edge”.

The simple methodology, known as the 4 Steps of Success means business owners have a GPS view of their cash each week.


About Cashflow Momentum:

Cashflow Momentum is an accounting system founded by William (Bill) Kelly to address the fundamental flaws in the traditional accounting system and reduce the probability of business failure. Cashflow Momentum is improving your monthly cash surplus ongoing. The mathematics behind the system are rich and deep, however the application of this methodology is simple and practical.

Cashflow Momentum aims to reduce the risk of business failure by providing business owners with a system that is fundamentally better than traditional accounting. It forces business owners to focus on the right things and implement better behaviours for people who don’t have a financial background.

Cashflow Momentum is heaven to the ears and eyes of Accountants, Bookkeepers and Financial Planners EVERYWHERE.

Are you ready for a new age in financial literacy that will help your business and your client base to GROW, SUCCEED & THRIVE?



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