CashFlow  Momentum is a transparent and unique  accounting system founded by William (Bill) Kelly to address the fundamental flaws in the traditional accounting system and  radically  reduce the probability of business failure.

CashFlow  Momentum is all about  improving your monthly cash surplus - ongoing.

CashFlow Momentum aims to reduce your risk of business failure by providing you with a system that is fundamentally better than traditional accounting. It forces business owners to focus on the right things and implement better behaviours for people who don’t have a financial background.

The CashFlow Momentum system will not only change the way you use bank accounts, it will change the way you manage and understand your business. This practical and effective system forces you to ask questions and focus on the right things, subsequently leading to simple daily actions and an overall profound awareness and behaviour change.


So What Is Cashflow Momentum?

Cashflow Momentum is unique in that it assists business owners to apply a proven Cashflow Management System on a Daily Basis regardless of how time poor the business owner may be.


Cashflow Momentum is a comprehensive system unlike any other that will empower every small - medium business owner (regardless of qualifications or industry) to immediately start improving their ability to manage and control cash flow and in doing so commence the journey to move away from the “cash flow cliff edge”


The Cashflow Momentum System includes an initial set up phase, education, training, ongoing support and consulting through an accredited local professional.


The Cashflow Momentum Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission
(what we do everyday)

Everyday we improve the lives of Business Owners and Entrepreneurs by helping them learn how to master their cashflow.


Our Vision
(what we are striving to become)

CashFlow Momentum will be regarded globally as the most trusted Cashflow Management System for reducing the probability of business failure and improving cash surplus ongoing.


Our Values
(what is non-negotiable)

Integrity, Financial Education,  Passion,  Behaviour Change,  Commerciality,  Cash is King!


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